Here's how our new TenantScore® makes it easy for you to make critical decisions.

First, we take credit, criminal and eviction information; then extract the pertinent and analyzable parts into algorithmic formulas which tell you if your applicant is a PASS or FAIL based upon this vital criteria:

* If their income is more than their rent by an acceptable margin
* If they can pay their debt payments and their rent, based on their income
* If they are bankrupt
* If they are in collection
* If their credit scores (FICO) score are within Pass/Fail ranges
* If they have been evicted
* If they are criminals

This report is so simplified (see below) that you will easily be able to determine whether or not you want a candidate, based upon what is presented. if you like them, you can readily see which areas you want clarification on from the applicant, just the same as when you were analyzing the actual credit report.

This product removes 90% of the time associated with the old method and you get criminal and eviction records!

If you want to see how the scorecard is configured, just click here

If you want to see a demo of TenantScore®, just call us at 1 800 277-2733.